tasmanian.com and free email @ tasmanian.com does not and will not tolerate spamming. We have received reports that someone is signing up for our service and then using it as a remove drop box address for their unsolicted commercial bulk mailings. We do not endorse or support this activity at all. Contact us immediately with the offending email and we will take action promptly.

If you have been spammed:

Help With SPAM - Check out this service information page


Our service is not for business use and most certainly not for unethical business practices such as spam. We hate spam as much as you do. We thought people would know not to abuse the service, so since they don't, we are making it official.

What Is Spam?

Spamming is generally the act of sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). If you send a commercial announcement to anyone - without their consent - then you have spammed. More specifically, tasmanian.com does not permit the following conduct, as agreed in your terms of service:

  • Sending unsolicited commercial email from your tasmanian.com account
  • Using your tasmanian.com address in the "From" or "Reply-to" or "To Remove Email:" of an unsolicited email message
  • Embed a "mailto:" with your tasmanian.com address within an unsolicited email message
  • Even if you have a note at the top of your email about some government bill that says your email is legal and even if you have the word AD in your subject line, your account will be deleted and legal action will be taken.

If you use the tasmanian.com free email service:

  • Don't send any business email. Just use your @tasmanian.com email address for communicating with friends and family.
  • Don't put your @tasmanian.com address in any outgoing business email.